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What price should I put for the sale price?

In this guide, we will explain to you what you should put for the sale price.


When selling a product, you will be asked to input a price to sell your product. We recommend you to enter a price similar to the other sellers on the market.

If the price gap is too significant, it's certain that the customer will be more interested in the cheapest option. You should try to see if there are other shops using your product, so you can estimate the best price (you also have to consider the purchase price and taxes to avoid losing money).

By having a better user interface and user experience, being active on social networks and answering questions from customer service, you will gain trust. Even if you have competitors, people will tend to buy from you because you are helping them way more than the others. In that case, you can increase the price of your sale price. Don't forget that people can negotiate your products if you are selling on eBay so you should have a reasonable margin. 


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