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How do I avoid chargebacks?

In this guide, we will explain how to avoid chargebacks from your customers.

What is Chargeback | Powercash21 | payabl.

A chargeback is a process where the customer will directly contact their bank to get a refund under certain conditions.

Chargebacks have a very negative impact on your store and its reputation. When creating your store (regardless if its dropshipping or hyped product reselling), you will have to be careful regarding the following to avoid receiving chargebacks:

  • Policies: You must display your business's policies on your websites and follow them without fail. If you don't, customers can use them against you.
  • Ship your products: If you are selling products, you must ship them to your customer. Not shipping products is one of the main reasons for getting chargebacks.
  • Add tracking numbers: Using tracking numbers is essential since it will let your customer know the status of their order after it has been shipped. Every online shop uses them to gain the trust of its customers, so you should also use them.

The critical point to avoid chargebacks is to be clear on every factor mentioned above (customer service and website). 


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