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What price should I list my products for to sell products quickly?

In this guide, we will explain the price you should list your products for to sell them quickly.

Having the best product is one of many conditions for your listings to be profitable. You also have to choose the best price to sell them and make a profit.

If you need to know how much you should list your product, we recommend you check other sellers' prices. You can also do some feedback about your current listing prices to see with your community if you are over or undercharging for the product.

For example, if you are dropshipping one product (mono product shop), you can look for the other sellers of that product and list them at the same or close to their price. Indeed, it will depend on your store's quality and if it's better than your rivals. Also, you will need to keep track of your total expenditures for your products to fix a stable price (and avoid taking losses).

If you are selling shoes or streetwear, you can check on marketplaces (like StockX or Goat) to see how much your product is listed for and align your prices with the market. Remember that marketplaces have fees, so you must account for that in your selling price. 


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