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Why is my email invalid?

In this guide, we will go over why your email is invalid. 




Sometimes, you may have trouble with various website errors that are not working, so here are the most common solutions to help you solve it:

  • Do you have an account: If you have not previously created an account, please do so first before trying to log in. 
  • Double-check spelling: Please make sure you are typing your email address correctly.
  • App maintenance: Check the Discord status channel for current updates and maintenance. It can be related to the websites, which can be why you can't monitor a specific website (or any of them).
  • Internet connection: Check if your network has been cut while monitoring a website.
  • Cache issues: Cleaning the cache will reset the app details and help you solve the monitoring issue.
  • Device issues: Try switching between different devices (computers, smartphones...) and logging out, then back in. Sometimes, it's just a simple bug, but you should report it if it happens many times. Remember to check if your device needs to be updated.


If the problem does not fall under any of the troubleshooting steps, please don't hesitate to contact us to troubleshoot. 


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