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What is the manage page (previously "Seller Hub")?

In this guide, we will explain to you what the Manage page is and why it is important to use it correctly.


The Manage page is the main feature of the Juiced app. It will help you to track all of your sales, listings, revenue, and orders.

As shown below, the Manage page allows you to view your revenueprofitorders, and unsold products. By clicking on the icons next to the titles, you will be able to display them on the analytics board.


In the picture below, you have your balance and the accounts connected to your dashboard (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more). You will also be able to add a product from there.


Below is a picture of the Analytics board. You can have a pictorial representation of your benefit, revenue, and more on this board. You can sort them by using the filters. Next to the Analytics board, you have the Orders section. From there, you can see which orders need to be fulfilled and their status (completed, pending...). You will be able to fulfill them by clicking there.


In this last picture, you will have the listings of your products on different platforms. You will be able to search for listings, such as the orders, and also edit them. Here you can create listings by clicking on the plus icon and filling in your product details.



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