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How to bulk-add tracking

In this guide, we will show you how to bulk-add tracking to your orders.


  • I/ Desktop or web application 
  • II/ Mobile or tablet application 


I/ Desktop or web application 

First, go to your Manage page by clicking on the statistics icon in the top left menu. Then, you will have these icons. Click on Manage:



Then go to the Orders section:


From there, you can select the orders you want to update by checking the tick next to the order. Finally, click on the Actions box and select Add Tracking



When you have multiple orders that you need to add tracking to, bulk-add tracking to them will save you some time and not repeat the same operation for all of your orders. For example, if you have 30 orders to which you need to have tracking added, bulk-add tracking will be faster than doing it one by one.


II/ Mobile or tablet application 

Coming soon...


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