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When I checkout, the auto-checkout is not filling in my information

In this guide, we will show you how to deal with auto checkout issues.


The Juiced membership includes a free auto-checkout feature. This will help you to buy a product faster with the help of this tool. Indeed, it will fill automatically the fields with your details that you need to set up first (you can check our guide about setting up the tool by clicking here). 

If the autocheckout is not filling in your information when trying to buy a product, please check:

  • Check if the site is supported: We currently only support Shopify sites so if the website was not built using Shopify, the autocheckout will not work. 
  • Internet connection: your Internet connection may have been cut during the purchase. Please check it.
  • Tool maintenance: The autofill may be under maintenance. Everything is announced in the status channel of our Discord server
  • Bad setup: You may have not correctly set up your autocheckout. 


However, if any of these solutions are helping you, we recommend you to contact us. There may have many bugs that are not seen by the developer team, so do not hesitate.


Need any further help? Contact us.

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