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There is an issue with my shipping label

In this guide, we will show you what to do if there is an issue with your shipping label.

eBay to support FedEx on its in-platform label printing service | Channel  Daily News

Shipping labels will help you to ship your products to the customer, but sometimes, you may face an issue with them, so here are the most common solutions to help you solve it:

  • App maintenance: You can check the Discord status channel to see if there is an update related to shipping labels. We will announce when you will be able to print them again.
  • Printer issue: Try to check if your printer isn't causing a problem when trying to print your shipping label (ink level, material flaw...).
  • Cache issues: Cleaning the cache will reset the app details, and it can help you solve the issue with shipping labels.
  • Device issues: Try switching between different devices (computers, smartphones...) and logging out, then back in. Sometimes, it's just a simple bug, but you should report it if it happens many times. Do not forget to check if your device needs to be updated.

Shipping labels are important since they will help you and your customer to track an order. It's also a sign of trust for your customer because he will have proof of shipping and be reassured. It shouldn't be something you are not taking of carefully, so if you are facing any problems, try those solutions. However, if they are not working, you should contact us as soon as possible so we can help you fix this.


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