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What is fashion (shoes, clothes, etc)?

In this guide, we will give you the best explanations to understand what is fashion (shoes, clothes, etc).


I/Who began fashion?

Fashion is everything related to clothing, shoes, lifestyle, and accessories. Charles Frederick Worth created the concept to help match people's desires concerning new ways of wearing apparel. Nowadays, fashion exists in various forms: luxury brands, streetwear brands, and also for classic use. Some pieces are limited editions, so many will try to buy them to resell the item for a profit. Other people will choose to wear them to match their personal taste. 

Charles Frederick Worth — Wikipédia

II/How was it popularized?

Nowadays, the Internet sets trends in various communities, and fashion isn't an exception. Indeed, a lot of famous people wear designer clothing, expensive jewellery, and also limited edition sneakers. The community is very appealing, so many people outside the fashion community could also be interested in wearing stuff like them. 
Fashion exists among all generations (kids, teenagers, adults) because designers create stuff for everyone.
Also, designers creating a collection for fall/winter and spring/summer are very popular since they offer their audience a wide choice of clothing throughout the year and its varying weather conditions. 
Fashion shows are also helping brands to develop their identity. For example, one of the latest Celine fashion shows starred Lisa from Blackpink and Kim Taehyung from BTS, two of the most famous K-Pop artists. Their only presence attracted many people, including fans but also media and attention.


III/How to sell fashion?

We made a guide here to understand how to sell fashion. You can read it and understand how the market works.


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