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How to sell collectibles (art, toys, etc)

In this guide, we will see how to sell collectibles (art, toys, etc). 


10 Valuable Collectibles Hiding in Your Home

I/ What are collectibles?

Collectibles refer to items worth far more than their initial price due to their rarity and popularity. It can be limited edition toys, pieces of art, and even comics. People are often misunderstanding the word "collectibles" with "collectibles". The first one represents an item desired by collectors such as rare comics or figurines). The other one means all the items that can be collected, like keys or payments.


Etsy Logo et symbole, sens, histoire, PNG, marque

  • Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell handmade products, but there are also vintage and antique items. You should consider using it with eBay to sell collectibles.

    - Easy to setup
    - Seller education and support
    - Trusted platform

    - More competitive than before
    - Fees (6.5%)


Fichier:Shopify logo.svg — Wikipédia

  • Shopify is a CMS (content management system) that will help you build a website. From there, you can sell your stuff with your online shop. The subscription is 29$ per month and you can build very nice websites with it by using templates.

    - Very easy to use and manage
    - Large app store
    - 24/7 support

    - Transaction fees (subscription + 3% per item sold)


Selling collectibles is not difficult. The only complicated thing is to find the piece you want to sell and where to sell it. Juiced will help you to find collectibles and these pieces.


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