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How to sell fashion (shoes, clothes, etc)

In this guide, we will see how to sell fashion (shoes, clothes, etc). 



I/ What is fashion?

Fashion is everything related to clothing, shoes, lifestyle, and accessories. Charles Frederick Worth created the concept to help match people's desires concerning new ways of wearing apparel. Nowadays, fashion exists in various forms: luxury brands, streetwear brands, and also for classic use. Some pieces are limited editions, so many will try to buy them to resell the item for a profit. Other people will choose to wear them to match their personal tastes. 


Here are some of the most common and popular websites for selling fashion: 

Fichier:Stockx logo.png — Wikipédia

  • StockX is one of the most famous marketplaces to resell shoes and clothes. It makes selling extremely intuitive, but be careful with the platform fees.

    - Customer's anonymity during the buying/selling process
    - Details about a product already on the website
    - Authentication system

    - Fees (seller's fee is 9.5% per product sold, plus shipping fees and payment processing) 
    - Free market (sellers/buyers determine the prices)

Grailed Is Your One-Stop Shop for Next-Level Fashion | GQ

  • Grailed is another marketplace to sell clothing and sneakers. You can find a lot of brands for a fair price, and you can sell used stuff. Fees are 9% per item sold.

    - User-friendly interface and easy to use
    - Buyer/Seller protection policy
    - Offers second-hand designer 

    - Unsupportive customer service
    - Only for high-end menswear

Images Ebay | Vecteurs, photos et PSD gratuits

  • eBay is used to selling just about anything, but it's an excellent option for selling clothing and sneakers. They have an authenticity guarantee system when you sell your items. Fees are from 1.5% to 15%.

    - You can sell anything
    - Huge audience
    - Gain more customers

    - Expensive fees if you are listing less than a certain amount per month
    - Competitive in some niches

File:Depop logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

  • Depop is a marketplace to sell more casual clothing and sneakers. Many teenagers use this app to clear old clothes out of their closets, but you can try to sell your sneakers there.

    - You can be paid via Paypal
    - Chat for buyers and sellers
    - You can sell a lot of types of product

    - Poor customer service
    - Closing accounts regularly


You can also sell through the social network marketplaces such as Instagram or Facebook Marketplace, which is interesting but most of the time, you will have to build a complete website behind and you will have to manage everything related to shipping and payments. We are not talking about this there because they are not mostly used as the ones mentioned above.
Selling fashion is not difficult. You need to find the best platform for you and the pieces you want to sell. Most of the fashion pieces are renowned throughout the fashion community, so you can try to follow the trend by checking socials and joining Juiced.


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