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How to fix missing costs on different listings

In this guide, we will show you how to fix missing costs on different listings. 

Listings are crucial for you to track your products in general. However, you may have forgotten some details that need to be filled in.

A pop-up will appear every time you click on the Manage page to remind you if you need to fix your listings and update the costs. Pop-ups are beneficial because you can update all required fields directly from them. You will not need to go to each listing to change them one at a time. If you see this pop-up, we recommend updating your costs directly from the pop-up and not doing it later as you may forget. 

After updating all the costs, click the "Update Cost" button to save the changes. Once you've updated the costs, the pop-up will go away. 


Please note the pop-up will come back if new listings are discovered to have the cost field missing. 


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