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How to mark an order as fulfilled

In this guide, we will show you how to mark an order as fulfilled. 

Marking an order as fulfilled will help you to have a better organization on the Manage page. It will send the request to the platform where you sold your product and be marked as fulfilled.


I/ How to change the order status

First, you have to go to the Manage page. To do so, click on the statistics icon on the top left menu:


The Manage page looks like this:

Now, please go to the Orders category. It's on the right part of your screen. From there, you can change the status of your orders. For example, let's take this "unfufilled" order:

Selecting the order will give you all of its details. This is where you'll look for the Products section. It will show you what is already fulfilled and what is not. Right there, you will be able to mark the order as fulfilled by clicking on the Fulfil order button:

Now you will have this new window, which allows you to fill in all the details related to the order:

You can select the right amount of items you are sending to your customer by changing the quantity using the plus or minus buttons.


The Tracking category is essential for your customer and yourself to track the order. Do not skip this. You can tick the Notify customer button to send him shipping updates through emails. It's also helpful, so we recommend you to enable it.


Do not forget to click the Fulfil button at the end to save the changes and mark your order as fulfilled. 


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