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How to edit or view the "pricing" section on your listings

In this guide, we will show you how to edit or view the "pricing" section on your listings.


First of all, go to the Manage page by clicking on the statistics icon on the top left menu:


Then, you will have the Manage page, just like this:

To edit or view the "pricing" section on your listings, you have to select one of them by going to the Listings section: 

If you click on one of the listings, it should look something like this:


To edit or view the "pricing" section on your listing, scroll down to the Pricing area, and it will look something like this:


To view the entire area, click on Show more. Entering the price is essential because your product will be listed at this price. Then, your expenses will be used to track the total profit from the sale (If you bought the product for 100$ and sold it for 150$, your profit will be 50$).


You can also choose to accept offers. If you do, select the "Yes" option. The best offer auto accept price is the price your product will be sold automatically if there is an offer at this price. The minimum best offer price is the minimum set price the customer can offer you for the product.

Offers are generally not compatible with Shopify and Amazon listings. StockX, eBay, Goat, and other similar platforms do however allow sellers to accept offers. 


Do not forget to save your changes by clicking on the Save button once you have finished editing your listing.


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