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How to grade your products

In this guide, we will show you how to grade your products.


Before selling a product, you will be asked to grade it. There are a lot of ranks, such as DS (dead stock), which means it comes from the factory and has never been worn, Used, which means that the product has been used and is in bad shape or also Good, to tell the customer that the product has been used already, but is still in good condition to be sold.

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To grade a product, you should know what it looks like. For example, you can't grade it dead stock if it was already used. You have to the difference between all these terms:

  • Dead Stock (DS): Your product has never been used, and you have the authenticity invoice. Dead stock is the highest product grade and usually sells for the best price.
  • New: Your product has been worn rarely and is still good-looking. You can sell it for a lower amount than a DS product.
  • Good: Your product has been worn frequently but can still be sold. Try to give all the details to your customer.
  • Used: Your product has been worn to the point that there are many stains or dirt on it. Reselling it will be hard, and you shouldn't lie to your customer. Mention all the flaws and what can't be repaired.

An excellent tip to increase the selling price of your item is to clean the product if possible. For example, Air Force 1's can be clean and washed with special cleaning products like Reshoevn8r and Crep Protect or soap with specific cloths and brushes.


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