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How can I purchase products and quickly?

In this guide, we will show you how to purchase products, and quickly.


Everything you do will factor into getting the product when you are going for a release. Here is some advice to increase your chances of successfully your product:

  • Use the Juiced tools: Our subscription will give you many tools, such as a Releases Page and a calendar. These two will help you manage all the releases, so you don't miss any. We also have in-app auto-checkout software that will help members who don't have a bot. 

  • Be prepared for the release: To increase your chance of getting a product, you must be ready. Try to look for any information to help you successfully get the product (where do they release, when do they release, etc.).

  • Buy or Rent a bot: A bot will always be faster than human hands. Having one is the most significant advantage that will increase your chances of successfully purchasing your product.

The Best Beginner Sneaker Bot?? My Recommendations for November 2019 -  YouTube

Juiced offers a bot renting feature and guides on how to use bots. For example, here is our official guide for TSB. If you plan on buying a bot, please do it from trustful users/Discord servers. Bots are expensive so you don't want to be scammed. Some trusted and legit Discord servers are Tidal Marketplace and BotMart. They have very detailed guides about renting and selling bots, so you should definitely check them if you plan on doing so.

Combining these three will increase your chances of having the product you are waiting for.

Note: Sometimes, the website will prepare anti-bot protection, and you must go manually. Do not forget this case.


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