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How to choose a title for your listing

In this guide, we will show you how to choose a title for your listing.


An excellent title for your listing can definitely help you to sell your product. It's the most crucial detail with the pictures you will take for your listing.

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

To choose your title, you have to consider two factors:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you selling it to?

These two questions will help you find a title. For example, in the picture above, there is a RAM set (their purpose is for computer builds). The title here is not good because it only describes what there is in the picture. The title is too short (the length should be long enough to get a brief description of the product). In that case, some recommendations for the product would be:

  • 4*16GB RAM for Computer Build
  • [64GB] - RAM Sticks - 4*16GB
  • Set of 64GB RAM (4*16GB)


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