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What's the difference between the calendar and hot items?

In this guide, we will show you how to know what's the difference between the Calendar tab and Release Page.


The Calendar tab is one of the most valuable features of the Juiced app. Indeed, it will help you to track all the releases on an interactive calendar. 

For example, when there will be a release on a given date, the Calendar will display the release like this:

You can see a purple dot under a day there will be a new product drop. 

Then, the Releases Page will provide you with a view of all upcoming releases or upcoming releases based on the products category:


The main difference between the Releases Page and the Calendar tab is their utility. The calendar provides you with a breakdown of upcoming releases today, this week, next week, or the month entirely. The Releases Page provides you with an overview of all upcoming releases or an overview of upcoming releases within each product category. Combining them on a release day is helpful since you must be prepared for the release (using the Calendar) and get the links through the monitors (all the clickable components on the left menu of the Releases Page section) to purchase your products the fastest.


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