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Is there a way to save money on the items?

In this guide, we will show you if there is a way to save money on the items you will buy.


Buying items can get really expensive in the long term, especially when your sell ratio is lower than your buy ratio. 

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To avoid spending too much money, here is a list of some things you can do to start saving money on the items you will buy:

  • Create an account: Creating an account for a retailer's website can be very useful but also advantageous. Indeed, some of them will reward you only by having an account, and they can offer you a discount code on your birthday or at some events, for example. Create an email address that will only be used to create accounts, so you don't get promotional emails in your primary address.

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  • Subscribe to newsletters: Subscribing to newsletters can give you a discount code for your first order on their website. Like the accounts, you should create an email address for this purpose only. You may get discount codes depending on how long you subscribe to the newsletter and special events.

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  • Join the fidelity program: Some websites may have a fidelity program. In this case, you should join it because it will give you a lot of benefits, such as rewards, discounts, and even free products if you are lucky.  

  • Use cashback apps/cards: One other way to save money is to get cash back on your product. Using an app like iGraal, or a credit card like N26 (for European customers only) is quite helpful. You will get a percentage on the products you buy using the app or the card. The cashback amount depends on the amount you spent or if the website has a partnership with the app/card. If you are using cashback, do not forget to check if the website is compatible with the offer.


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