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How to price your products

In this guide, we will show you how to price your products.

Deconstructing the Price Tag - HBS Working Knowledge


First of all, pricing a product can be pretty complex. Indeed, you will have to set a price that will not be too low to make some profit but also not too high to be able to sell your product.

Then, you must calculate all the fees included. For example, if you buy some shoes at a retailer online, there will often be some shipping fees. Then, when you sell an item, the platform you use will also cost you some fees. There is also the price of boxes you will be using for the shipping.

It would be best if you considered making a profit of at least 25% per sold item to be profitable in the long term. 

Net Profit Margin | Formula + Calculator

You can also check the market to know how to price your product. Sneakers and clothing can be estimated easily by looking at famous platforms such as StockX. By the way, you can check all the related fees for the selling part, so you can estimate your profit easier, as shown in the picture above. Otherwise, you can also check the lowest ask price for the product (and also the size) to estimate how much you can price your item.


You are not forced to sell on StockX, but it can give you a price range idea to sell your product. Since the market is often moving, you should track the price daily to be sure to sell your pieces at the best prices.


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