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I'm not making any money on my products

In this guide, we will show you what to do if you are not making any money on your product.

  • I don't know how to make a profit out of my items
    FIX: First, check the resell value before buying (and waste precious money!). In our app, we help you with estimations of reselling prices, like this:


Don't forget to check this first if you're new to reselling. We have a solid idea of the market, so you can trust our judgment and save yourself from buying items with no profit. Based on your budget, we recommend only going for items with a minimum yield of $25 after seller fees. 


Keep in mind that buying items with less profit means you increase the risk of the chance of you losing money. Make sure to account for seller fees and shipping expenses before making purchases. Note that resell prices will drop after the item's initial release so shipping times will affect the selling price of your item. 


Following this recommendation is essential when starting because there are always future opportunities for profit. Selling and shipping times can vary, holding up your return on investment, and forcing you to miss out on other releases. You can skip this recommendation if you have enough within your budget (higher than 1000$).

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