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I can't download the app

In this guide, we will show you what to do when you can't download the app.


Here are the most common solutions for this issue:

  • Check your Internet status: Your Internet can be the reason why you can't download the app. Try to check its connection status by checking your device's WiFi/Ethernet settings. 
  • Check if the app is under maintenance: If the app is currently under maintenance, you will not be able to download it from our platform. You can check the status app in the status channel on Discord (#status). If this is the case, please be patient as you will be able to download the app once the maintenance is complete. 
  • Try to change your device: Sometimes, your device may have some issues downloading the app. Changing to another device can solve the issue instantly, so you should try this if the issues above are not working.
  •  Clear your cookies: Clearing your cookies will reset the website details, so you can try to download the app again.


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