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It's not letting me log out

In this guide, we will show you what to do when your device doesn't let you log out.

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Here's the list of the most common solutions for this issue:

  • Check if your Internet is enabled. Sometimes, there may be some issues with disconnected Internet, so try to check your network status.
  • Try to exit the app and open it again to see if you can disconnect from your device. 
  • Clear your cookies to clean your browser. Clearing cookies means that website settings (like your logins) will be deleted to be reloaded again.
  • Switch between different browsers. There may be problems logging out from a particular browser so try another one since the browsers' architecture are different from each other.
  • Check if your membership is cancelled. You can contact us if you are not sure about the status of your membership. This can cause not let you log out of your device since a cancelled membership limits your features.

Finally, if these solutions are not working, you can try to log in from another device and click on the "Log Out From All Devices." You have a guide here to let you know how to do it.


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