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I'm not receiving my 2-factor authentication codes

The 2-factor authentication is a very important protection for your accounts. It strongly improves the security of your account by sending two codes (one to your email and another one to your mobile phone). But sometimes, after waiting for your 2FA code, it may not be sent. In this guide, we will show you how to deal with that issue. 


Firstly, please check how to enable and disable the 2FA (click here for the guide):

In case you don't receive your 2FA codes, it may be a problem caused by our app and our servers. Please check the maintenance status of the app, so you are aware of if there are problems with the 2FA.  
Then, you can try to disable and enable back the 2FA to test again if it still has a problem. 
These two solutions are the most efficient ones since it's often the answer to this issue. However, it can be harder than this. 

The final solution is to contact us to report the problem. We will tell our developers to check the 2FA status, and they will solve it for you.


Note: Do not spam the button to get the 2FAs. It will only cause more problems to the servers due to a lot of requests from your devices. Please wait a little bit and if there's still nothing popping on your device, do the stuff mentioned above this text.


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