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I've lost access to my email

First of all, there are many ways to lose access to your emails. It's either you got hacked or just forgot your email password


In the case of forgetting your email password, please check an article about how to recover your email password (for Google Accounts, click here to see). 


If you got hacked, the matter is more serious, and you have to act fast before the hacker compromises your entire account and has access to your details. Firstly, update your device's security. It's a very important step to limit more dangerous hacks. Then, reset all of your passwords and make them stronger (for example, mix special characters, numbers, and lowercase/uppercase letters and about 16 characters minimum). Send also a message to all your contacts mentioning you got hacked, so they don't get hacked.

You can consider using 2-factor authentication for all your logins too (click here to check the guide).


If your email is related to your Juiced account, contact us as fast as possible so we can sort it out with you. We will reply in under 24 hours.


Losing access to your email can lead to very serious problems. It's important for you to be careful when setting your email up and be aware of malicious hacks (phishing, malware...)


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