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There is a device or location on my login activity I don't recognize

This happens when you have unknown devices logged in from random locations. It may be your other devices, but sometimes, it can be malicious users who hacked your account. In this guide, we will show you what to do when there is a device or location on your login activity you don't recognize.


Checking your login activity can be done easily by first logging into your dashboard (click here to see how to do it).



Then, if there is an unknown device, check first if it's yours. If you are certain that it is not your device, do not wait and reset your password (check our guides) as soon as possible, activate the 2-factor authentication (click here to see the guide) and click on the "Log Out From All" button.

However, even with all of the stuff written above, the hackers might still have control of your account. In that case, please contact us as fast as possible so we can handle the problem, and secure your account and personal details.


Note: Always enable the 2FA, use a strong password and do not share your logins.


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