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How to list a product onto Amazon

In this guide, we will show you how to sell items on Amazon


First of all, log in to your Amazon seller account, by clicking on Sign in (or Sign Up if you don't have an account yet).


After that, you can start your Amazon business. To list your product, you will have two options. The first one is the easiest one. It's when you are listing a product that exists already. The second option is when you are listing an unknown product.


For the first method, select Add a Product from the Inventory drop-down. Search for the product you want to sell on Amazon within the Find your products in Amazon’s catalog section.

Creating A New Listing Inside Amazon Seller Central Using “Add A Product” |  Creating My Muse

Results are more accurate if you search for a product identifier such as a UPC, EAN, JAN, or an ISBN.

If you locate the product you want to sell, click on Show variations (if applicable), select a condition, click on Sell this Product and enter your offer details in the provided data fields.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Finally, click Save.


For the second method, select Add a Product from the Inventory drop-down and click on I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon.


This is not applicable to Handmade listings.

You can choose one of the following options to create a new product listing:

  • Search for your product’s category and click the Search icon button.
  • Browse the Select a Product Category option for the category that matches the product you want to sell and click Select category. Choosing your category accurately can help buyers find products more easily.
You can favourite frequently used categories by clicking on the star. These categories will subsequently appear under Favorites at the top of "Select a product category".

Enter the required information within the Vital Info and Offer tabs.

You can select the Advanced View option to enter additional information about your product.

Once you enter the required information in the tabs provided, you can click Save changes to complete the listing process. You can edit the information for your product listings anytime.


Also, do not forget that creating an Amazon seller account is not free. It will cost you a monthly fee of 39$.


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