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How to sell NFTs

In this guide, we will see how to sell NFTs



  • I/ Chose your marketplace
  • II/ List your NFT for sale
  • III/ How to list an NFT

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a new trend related to cryptocurrency. In exchange for a piece of art, you will be able to use them as profile pictures or utility functions (to receive airdrops or physical gifts such as merchandising).


I/ Chose your marketplace

To sell NFTs, you have to choose your marketplace depending on the blockchain you are on. The most famous ones are Opensea and LooksRare. There are also other places, but they are not as renowned and trusted as the ones mentioned. We recommend you use Opensea or LooksRare. For this guide, we will use Opensea since it's the most used one.


II/ List your NFT for sale

On Opensea, you will be able to list your NFT with two options:

  • Auction
  • Direct Listing
  • Accept an offer


The auction listing option will allow you to choose the price the other users are offering you. The more people who will bid on your NFT, the higher the selling price will be. We recommend you not use this listing method unless you are only selling one piece, or selling for charity (easier than the other method).


The direct listing option is the easiest and most simple option to sell an NFT. You will have to list your NFT at a price you will determine before, and when it sells, you will receive an email and your crypto.


The "accept the offer" option is another option that is useful when you don't know at what price you want to sell your NFT. If a user is interested in your NFT, he can send you an offer. Most of the time, the offer price will be lower than the floor price, but you will sell your NFT instantly.

Note: Listing your NFT at a very high price may not result in a sell. You should look at the floor price first before listing.


III/ How to list an NFT

There are requirements before listing an NFT:

  • A wallet (We recommend you use Metamask since it's supported by all of the platforms)
  • Some $ETH in your wallet 

We will teach you how to list an NFT on Opensea only. You will be able to do the same for other platforms, but it will be much easier than Opensea.


Firstly, create a Metamask wallet (Metamask is recommended since it's the most used one). Click here to see how to do it.
Secondly, you have to add some $ETH (Ethereum) to your wallet. To do this, you can either send some tokens from a centralized exchange (CEX) such as Binance or Kucoin (click here for a guide) or buy directly from Opensea
Click on the top right button (wallet icon) and click on Add Funds.



Click on the second part and select ETH - Ethereum. Do not click on ETH - Polygon. Since you are using the Ethereum blockchain, there will be gas fees. To avoid paying too many fees, we recommend you to check gwei on https://etherscan.io/gastracker to know when is the best moment to buy your ETH.




After having your ETH in your wallet, you will be able to list your NFT after paying two ETH transactions to "set up" your Metamask account as "open" to sell on Opensea. 




Before posting your listing, you will be asked to choose the selling price of your NFT and the selling duration. There are fees that will be automatically distributed. Finally, click "complete listing," and your NFT will be on the marketplace.


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