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What platforms are best for selling?

In this guide, we will go over the best platforms for selling your items. 


I/Marketplaces Overview

  • eBay - eBay is going to be mentioned on our list here! With over 159 million users, you will have high success with selling any type of item here. Everything is very straightforward here. as well as being able to do just about everything on the mobile app. Reaching such a high buyer base is extremely useful when selling your items and getting those quick sales in.

Website | IOS | Google Play

  • OfferUpOfferUp is an excellent marketplace for local sales. I don't recommend selling with their shipping service as they charge a high 12.5% sales commission. This is exceptionally high, and you have much better options. About a year ago, they bought out the popular local marketplace, Letgo, and have since made major software improvements. Overall, very straightforward as the seller. Personally, I think the UI is a bit "old" but doesn't take away from the fact that they have over 56 million users. 

 IOS | Google Play

  • MercariMercari has made huge strides into becoming a much larger marketplace. With over 19 million monthly active users reported in 2021, this is one of the best upcoming markets. Mercari also recently introduced Mercari Local. This feature allows for local pickup for items which is extremely useful. Mercari has one of the lowest fees, at only a 10% sale fee. This is low compared to other marketplaces such as eBay, which can range up to 15%! It may not be a massive deal for lower-priced items, but you will notice a big difference when you start selling higher valued items! The overall interface is very seamless and beginner-friendly. 

Website | IOS | Google Play

  • FaceBook MarketplaceFacebook has recently made some considerable improvements to its marketplace. With shipping and local pickup feature both fully operational, this is another excellent marketplace to check out. FB Marketplace started specifically for local sales, however, it added shipping more recently. Although they have been pushing out more updates to make the platform look nicer, I will have to say that it is pretty annoying how everything is laid out. In order to post a listing, you will have to go to the Facebook app to list, and you will find messages via Facebook Messenger. You'll get used to going back and forth, but hopefully, Facebook will add a separate Marketplace app that incorporates all features in one! The shipping feature is 100% underrated with only a 5% fee, the lowest of any marketplace. Not sure how long they will have this set fee, so I would get right to it if you can!

Website | You need Facebook + Facebook Messenger for mobile

  • StockX - If you're new to reselling or you're looking for the platform with the most prestige, selling on StockX will be your best bet. It's a trustworthy company that is all about authenticating and selling brand new products. It has an app you can use to buy and sell items quickly. StockX is mainly for selling fashion items and collectibles. The price history charts StockX has available make this company unique for resellers. You can easily see trending data for specific items. 

    Currently, the starting fee for StockX is at 10%. 

    Website | IOS | Google Play 

  • GOAT/Alias - An alternative to StockX is selling on Alias/GOAT. The selling fees are a bit higher for this platform, but at the same time, the customer service seems to be much better. It has an app you can use to buy and sell items quickly. Also, this platform allows the selling of both new and used products. Alias/GOAT is mainly for selling fashion items and collectibles. One setback of selling on Alias/GOAT is that it doesn't have the same charts and data as StockX. 

    Currently, the commission for GOAT is 9.5% + seller's fee (dependent on location)

    *Note: ALIAS is just the selling companion app of GOAT, this is where you will go to manage your listings. 

                                                               Website | IOS | Google Play

  • Grailed - Grailed is one of the most popular clothing/fashion marketplaces out there, with over 7 million users reported in 2021. Grailed is a marketplace for clothing/fashion, but specifically men's fashion. Typically you will see a lot more "high-end" clothing here as well. I also like how the app is laid out, simple, and straight to the point.

    Currently, Grailed has a 9% selling fee, not too bad.

    Website | IOS 

  • DepopDepop is another popular clothing/fashion marketplace with 30 million registered users reported in 2021. Depop is like if Grailed and Instagram had a baby. It has an excellent "social" factor within the app where other users can like and comment on listings. Another difference between Depop and Grailed is that Depop is tailored to everyone. This is a more popular marketplace for women's clothing than men, but by no means is it limited to only women's clothing. With a straightforward UI, this is 100% a marketplace you should be selling clothing on. 

    Currently, Depop has a 10% selling fee, 1% more than Grailed. 

Website | IOS | Google Play

  • Amazon - Amazon is a marketplace that many resellers don't take advantage of. Many don't realize how many shoppers are on Amazon and are still willing to pay resell prices for many items. Many buyers often associate Amazon as a "Retailer" and don't realize that there are third-party sellers available so they end up trusting Amazon for legitimate products. That being said, setting up your Amazon seller's account is a bit more complex but once everything is up and running you'll notice very quick sales and a much more streamlined process. 

Amazon Seller Central

  • Shopify - Shopify is another marketplace that many resellers don't think about. Shopify is extremely useful if you stick to a specific niche (let's say for example fashion items). One main benefit of Shopify is that you are able to use social media such as Instagram and TikTok to market your products. Your reach of the items you are selling can be 10x leading to even faster sales. Shopify is great if you want to build a strong brand that doesn't rely on third parties. This allows for much more potential growth and can lead to an even larger business for you. The main downside to Shopify is that it isn't very easy to get started with, you'll need to spend a few hours setting up your new store and making it look pretty. 



These are all the most common marketplaces when it comes to reselling. You by no means need to use all of them to be successful, but we do recommend trying them out to see which works best for you! For Amazon and Shopify we recommend it more for advanced sellers, although you can use them if you're just starting out, you may find it more beneficial when you are more familiar with the ins and outs of the markets. 


Amazon, StockX, Goat, eBay, and Shopify are all sites that Juiced currently support with Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp coming soon!


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