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What is the auto-checkout?

In this guide, we will go over what the auto-checkout tool is used for. 


  • I/Desktop
  • II/Mobile


The desktop/web application auto-checkout is a tool available to be used on your larger devices. This tool will be extremely useful for securing limited/exclusive items by filling out your information at the checkout page to ensure a much faster checkout time compared to you filling it out normally. You will find that this tool will be used very often so it is recommended to play around it with it right away!

Currently, the desktop application auto-checkout supports a large variety of sites including: 


Please note this list was created in 2020 and may be outdated. Juiced supports almost every major Shopify site so if you notice one of your sites is missing, do not worry, it is likely added to Juiced. If it isn't added, you can request the website you're in need of and it will be added within 7-14 days. 


You will have the option to adjust the delays, add multiple profiles, and filter different options. 


The mobile auto-checkout is available for your IOS and Android devices. The use cases of this are the same as that of the Desktop. Currently, the mobile auto-checkout only supports Shopify (keep an eye out for updates on future sites). You have the option to adjust the delay, add multiple profiles, and filter options. There is not an add-to-cart or auto-proceed feature yet. 

This is extremely useful when you're on the go and don't have access to a PC. This way you'll still have a decent chance at securing any limited drop by allowing the auto-filler to fill out all your information quickly. 



The auto-checkout is the best and most useful tool for any resellers who are struggling to purchase items before they sell out. You will find that the auto-checkout feature is extremely fast (much faster than you can manually fill info) and will be extremely useful in cases of shock drops/restocks, and general releases. 


Our auto-checkout supports a huge variety of retailers which makes it even more useful as you will find that this tool will be used almost daily. With a very seamless UI and setup, this will increase your chances of successfully copping limited items by a lot


Simply have the auto-checkout feature turned on during drop times and you'll be able to see how efficient this tool is and how it allows for much higher success rates! 

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