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How to sell fashion (shoes, clothes, etc.)

In this guide, we will go over tips and best practices for selling fashion items. 


  • I/Marketplaces
  • II/Tips on Selling



  • StockX - If you're new to reselling or you're looking for the platform with the most prestige, selling on StockX will be your best bet. It's a trustworthy company that is all about authenticating and selling brand new products. It has an app you can use to buy and sell items quickly. StockX is mainly for selling fashion items and collectibles. The price history charts StockX has available make this company unique for resellers. You can easily see trending data for specific items. 

    Currently, the starting fee for StockX is at 10%. 

    Website | IOS | Google Play 

  • GOAT/Alias - An alternative to StockX is selling on Alias/GOAT. The selling fees are a bit higher for this platform, but at the same time, the customer service seems to be much better. It has an app you can use to buy and sell items quickly. Also, this platform allows the selling of both new and used products. Alias/GOAT is mainly for selling fashion items and collectibles. One setback of selling on Alias/GOAT is that it doesn't have the same charts and data as StockX. 

    Currently, the commission for GOAT is 9.5% + seller's fee (dependent on location)

    *Note: ALIAS is just the selling companion app of GOAT, this is where you will go to manage your listings. 

                                                               Website | IOS | Google Play



  • Grailed - Grailed is one of the most popular clothing/fashion marketplaces out there, with over 7 million users reported in 2021. Grailed is a marketplace for clothing/fashion, but specifically men's fashion. Typically you will see a lot more "high-end" clothing here as well. I also like how the app is laid out, simple, and straight to the point.

    Currently, Grailed has a 9% selling fee, not too bad.

    Website | IOS 

  • DepopDepop is another popular clothing/fashion marketplace with 30 million registered users reported in 2021. Depop is like if Grailed and Instagram had a baby. It has an excellent "social" factor within the app where other users can like and comment on listings. Another difference between Depop and Grailed is that Depop is tailored to everyone. This is a more popular marketplace for women's clothing than men, but by no means is it limited to only women's clothing. With a straightforward UI, this is 100% a marketplace you should be selling clothing on. 

    Currently, Depop has a 10% selling fee, 1% more than Grailed. 

Website | IOS | Google Play


II/Tips on Selling


With StockX and GOAT being so similar, we will combine this section. Overall, you'll have an effortless time selling on StockX or GOAT and find that sales are generally speedy. You'll notice a lot of undercutting. This does not mean you drop your price until you make a $1 profit! Hold your price, and soon enough, your listing will sell. These are the most prominent marketplaces you'll find for sneakers. There is considerable volume throughout the day, so don't worry about undercutting the next person. 

As a new seller, you'll have to build up "credibility" in StockX's case, it is your Seller Level. In GOAT's case, it is your Seller Score. You'll want to start building up your score ASAP, this can be done with quick shipments, no cancellations, no replicas, etc. The main benefit to having a higher score is lower selling fees. In StockX's case, your score can be between 1-5. At Level 5, your fee is reduced to 8%. View table below:

Level Sales Required Sales ($) Required Base Transaction Fee
1 n/a n/a 10%
2 3 $500 9.5%
3 6 $1,500 9%
4 25 $5,000 8.5%
5 250 $30,000 8%

Listing on the app is straightforward. The app will tell you exactly how they want the photos to be taken. Make sure to follow the instructions and wait for your sale!


Like with sneakers, I'm going to combine this into one section. Generally, the best clothing to sell will be thrifted clothes. You'll notice that not many "new" or "hype" clothing flip that much, so looking for what's popular is always a good bet. 

When I say thrifted clothes, I specifically mean "vintage" style clothing. That market follows trends, and that is what is currently popular and what will stay popular for the next couple of years. Graphic Tees, Crewnecks, and Light-weight Jackets seem the easiest to move and most popular. 

A big factor with selling clothes is the fit. Having a measuring tool for the exact sizing is often nice, but it is a bit of a hassle. In the descriptions, I would always try and provide a general fit of the piece. Often, if you just stick with what the label says, it is simply not enough, which will lead to unhappy customers. 

Selling clothing is not only quick and easy, but margins can actually be surprisingly high! If you're thrifting, always be on the lookout for nicer brands. For only $2-$5, used clothing can still sell for a lot! 

Aside from thrifted clothes, you will also see "hype" clothing brands like Supreme, Off-White, Travis Scott pieces occasionally. Generally, these pieces tend to do well as a hold over time but it really depends on the specific item. Just like thrifted clothes, these will do well on sites like Grailed, however, you are also often able to sell them on eBay, StockX, GOAT, and locally as well. 

When listing these items, it is important to clearly note the item condition as the value will go down a bit if it is previously worn. 

When listing these pieces you can apply the same item as thrifted clothes, but you should have a much easier time selling them especially if they were newly released. 


Going back to the apps, both are pretty straightforward with the way you list. You'll want to take photos in good lighting and a solid colored background. Always try your best to be as specific as possible about different stains, sizing, discoloration, etc. The more, the merrier. You'll notice that clothing often does not move as fast as sneakers, but that is no issue in the long run. 



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