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What size shoes sell the best?

If you need help finding which size shoes sell the best then you're going to have to check the information we have posted for that specific shoe. The answer isn't universal for each pair of sneakers, some shoes sell better in larger sizes and some sell better in smaller sizes. You'll have to check the information we've posted in the Categories section to find out which shoe sizes sell best for the product you're looking for.


This can be easily done by checking the Releases tab on the left side of your Juiced dashboard. 




Once you click on the Releases tab, make sure you've selected the Categories tab on the top left side of this section. From there, you can find the items you're looking for best shoe size information. If you don't have the right category in this section, follow our guide about how to add a new category. 

In these categories is where you'll find all kinds of information about items, including what size shoes sell the best. 


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