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My Shopify Payments account is on hold

If your Shopify payments account is on hold then you will most likely not be able to receive your payout until the issues are resolved. When your Shopify Payments account is on hold, it's only the payouts that are on hold. Your store can still receive and handle orders, it's just the transfer of funds to your bank account that is on hold.


Here's what you can do to help solve this problem: 

  • The most common reason why Shopify Payments accounts get put on hold is that Shopify's  Business Operations Team performs checks and updates to make sure you won't encounter unwanted issues in the future using the payment gateway.
  • Email Shopify at support@shopify.com and they will have their payments team take a closer look at your payments account


Notes: If after contacting Shopify you do not get your account unfrozen, please contact us and we can give advice on alternative payment processors to use.


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