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My products aren't selling

Selling products is how you make profit as a reseller. If your products aren't selling then there might a few different reasons why. These reasons basically only apply if the products you have should be selling (i.e. they are actually in demand and sales are happening).


Try these methods if your products aren't selling:

  • Cross-posting: There are several platforms items can be sold on. Depending on what items you're selling, try listing them on other platforms at the same time. For example, if you're selling a pair of sneakers on eBay, also list them on Mercari and Alias at the same time. This exposes your products to more potential buyers. Just remember: Make sure you take your products down on the other sites once an item sells. 
  • Price adjustments: Maybe your item is listed as a price that is too expensive. Even if you have the item listed close to the average selling price, try bumping it down a few dollars or even by putting it one cent below the dollar price. Sell your items for $139.99 instead of $140. Your items will pop up first in search results and you'll get more sales.
  • Taking new pictures: Sometimes your pictures aren't good enough for buyers to bite or don't show enough of the products you're selling. Try taking new pictures to see if it helps your items sell.


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