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I'm not receiving any notifications

In this guide, we're going to go over what to do if you're not receiving any notifications. 


  • I/ Desktop or web application 
  • II/ Mobile or tablet application 

1. Log in to the Juiced app -> 2. Find the Settings -> 3. Check your notifications -> 4. Contact support

I/ Desktop or web application 

Go to the Settings on the left side of your Juiced account:



Once in the Settings, click on the Preferences tab so it looks like this:



Find the Notifications dropdown and check to see if your notifications are on:


If you've selected your notifications but you're still not getting them, click the lock icon in the browser and go to the site settings, then check to make sure you've enabled notifications there. These settings will vary depending on whether or not you're using Google Chrome, Safari, or some other internet browser. 

If your notifications are turned on for the categories you want and you're still not receiving notifications, the next step is to contact support.


II/ Mobile or tablet application 

To locate the notification settings on the mobile or tablet application, please follow the video guide below: 



If you are still having issues with notifications please make sure that you have allowed notifications for the Juiced App on your device's settings page. If the issue still persists please use the "Contact us" option below to receive further help! 


Need any further help? Contact us.

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