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What is the stock on the websites?

Need help with stock numbers on websites? Look no further. 


  • I/ What does stock mean?
  • II/ How to figure out stock numbers on websites?

Do y'all think Nike is finally raising the stock numbers to keep up with  the demand? 69K supposedly dropped today and I still didn't hit my size. :  r/SNKRS

I/ What does stock mean?

Stock translates the number of items on a website available for purchase. It can range for any kind of item. For example, say Nike is releasing a specific pair of Air Jordan 1s on its website. The stock numbers for that release would be the total number of pairs released on that day from Nike that are available for purchase. 


II/ How to figure out stock numbers on websites?

Typically, these stock numbers are released before an item actually is available for purchase. In your Juiced account, if you scroll to the specific category and item you're looking for then you'll be able to find the stock numbers of that item when it's closer to release day.

Most of the time, stock numbers are divided up in each size on Juiced.


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