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How to find items using the search tab

Looking for a specific item you can't find? Here's how you can use the search tab to find any item you're looking for.


  • I/ Desktop or web application 
  • II/ Mobile or tablet application 

I/ Desktop or web application 

1. Log in to the Juiced app -> 2. Find the search tab -> 3. Use the search tab

1. Log in to Juiced 

Logging in to Juiced can be done by using your username and password. If you're already logged in then you'll be immediately brought to your account once you enter the app. The first screen in your account should look like this.


2. Locate the search tab 🔍

Find the search tab in your Juiced account

You'll need to locate the search tab if you're going to find items. The search tab is a magnifying glass that can be seen on the left panel of your account. It can be found below the tutorials icon. 


3. Use the search tab 🔥

Search for what you want

After clicking on the search tab, a pop-up will be displayed on your screen. It'll give you the option to search a few different categories. The categories you'll see will be:

  • Releases
  • Manage
  • Tutorials
  • Other

To find items using the search tab, you're going to need to make sure you have the Releases category selected in the search tab. After that, type in the name of the item you're searching for and you should see it appear underneath your search bar.



Things to note:

  • You can search for more than just items. You can also search for drops, categories, restocks, and more.

II/ Mobile or tablet application 

To use the search tab on the mobile application please follow the video below: 


With almost an identical design to the Desktop version, the same search features are also available on mobile and tablet applications. Please refer to the "Desktop or web application" section above for more specifics as this feature goes hand in hand. 

Simply access the search tab with the search icon located at the navigation bar on the top of your screen. Search keywords or simply use the sections provided on the top of the screen. The feature is extremely useful when looking for tutorials, releases, or anything that might not be shown on the main menu. 

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