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How to recover your account if you've been hacked

If you've been hacked, you may have to contact first your bank to block transactions made with your credit card depending on if you've added your card to the auto-checkout or not. 


In the event your password is reset, our system will automatically send you an email in case the details of your Juiced account were changed. Under this email, we will ask you to reply to the email if you got hacked. After that, the support team will investigate the account, by asking the current account owner either to send a bank statement proving they bought the membership, or the last four digits of the card used to sign up.

If we can verify your information, we will reset your email and send you a randomly generated password that you can use to log in. Your 2FA will be activated if it was not already to ensure your account is properly secured from further attacks.

Once you've been given a temporary password, change it to a secure password that you've never used before. 


Note: We have many guides to help you securing your account, for example, a better password, or 2-factor authentication.


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