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How to connect your eBay account to your Juiced account

In this guide, we're going to be showing you how to connect your eBay account to Juiced.



  • I/ Desktop or web application 
  • II/ Mobile or tablet application 

1. Log in to the Juiced app -> 2. Find the Manage page -> 3. Find out how to connect your accounts


I/Desktop or web application

After creating your eBay account, go to the Manage page on the application:



Follow the steps here:



First, select your eBay region. It will redirect you to the eBay login page and you will have to log into your account. 



After entering your details, you will have a page like this one:



Finally, you have to click on "I agree" to allow your eBay account to be connected to your Juiced account. 


II/ Mobile or tablet application 

Coming soon...


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