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My renewal payment failed

If your renewal payment failed, here are the main reasons why:

  • The payment method isn't supported (if you updated your card)
    FIX: Check if you are using a Visa card, a Mastercard or Maestro card, an AmericanExpress card, a CB card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you're using a virtual card or a payment method not stated above, then this is why you're payment failed. 

  • Not enough money on my balance
    FIX: Check on your card's balance if there's more than 40$/30£/35€. If you have less, that's why you have a declined payment. 

  • I have enough money on my balance and my card is supported, but the payment is still declined
    FIX: In that case, try with another card. Or call your bank to see with them if you have a limit on your card.


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