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How to get support within the app

To get support within the app, you need to click on the red button in the bottom right corner of the interface (on the web app). 


Like the picture above, you can start a chat with a staff member. We may take some time to reply, but we won't forget about you. You can ask for everything needed, but we will reply.


On the mobile version, it looks the same:


You need to click on the chat purple button in the bottom right corner.


The reply time is about five minutes and if we don't reply, please do not spam since it won't accelerate the process. Then, there are two ways to check if we replied or not. The first one is to see directly on the application if you got a message in the live chat section. The second way is to check your emails: by this way, you will know when we replied.


Note: The support team is always available, so do not hesitate if you have a question!


Need any further help? Contact us.

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