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How to create an Amazon account

To create an Amazon account, you have to go to this signup page, here.

You can choose between a professional or an individual account. If you plan to sell more than 40 units per month, go for the professional account. Otherwise, select the individual one. Then, click on "Create a new account".

You will have a page like this: 

Fill in with your details (a name, composed of your first and last name, your email, and a password).

You will have to verify your email address for security measures. It looks like this:

Amazon seller registration: verify email screen

After that, you will have to complete the registration by filing with your details:

The business location is the country where your business is located
The business type is your business entity.

Fill in with your details (name, country, address...)
Amazon seller registration: personal information page

You also have to choose your marketplace:

Your billing information will be at the third step:

You will have to enter your store information:

Amazon seller registration: store information

And finally, you will have to confirm your address:

When you receive the code, you have to enter it in the confirmation section.


Finally, Amazon MAY request a live meeting via Zoom to confirm your identity. Please check your emails if this is the case.

After all these steps, you will be able to sell on Amazon.

Note: Amazon is the biggest platform to sell stuff and very famous. You can use it to sell your stuff, but do not forget to check its conditions.


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