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How to know when an item is releasing

In this guide, we're going to be showing you how to know when an item is releasing


  • I/Desktop or web application
  • II/Mobile or tablet application

I/Desktop or web application

To know when an item is releasing on the web application/desktop version, you need to go to the Releases page. This page will provide you with a breakdown of all upcoming releases based on the product category they fit into. You can also view releases in a calendar format by clicking on the calendar icon in the top right corner of the window. Each purple dot found on the calendar indicates a new upcoming release or releases taking place that day. 



II/Mobile or tablet application

To know when an item is releasing on the mobile version, open up the app and navigate to the Release page (by clicking the fire icon in the bottom left corner). To view additional details for the release, simply click on the release and a new bubble will open with additional details regarding the release. If you would like to view the releases through a calendar format click on the calendar icon found in the top right corner to go to the release Calendar. To view the details of a release simply click on the purple dot and you will be presented will all the essential details needed prior to the release of the product.



Note : Using the releases and calendar page will give you a lot of precious information, such as advices about selling and buying prices.


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