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How do I setup Velox


  • 1) Analytics 
  • 2) Tasks
  • 3) Proxies
  • 4) Profiles
  • 5) Captchas
  • 6) Download link




The analytics section is a very interesting feature to let you know how the bot performed from when you have it. You can see if there are errors to be corrected, such as payment declines that can be due to the same card used for too many profiles, or delays that are too low. It's very important when you get declined too much, you know through this tab if you need to change credit cards or fix them. You also have successful checkouts, something you can flex on socials. It shows you which products you bought thanks to the bot, the store where the product was bought, the date, and the product ID. It's very complete and one of the biggest points of Velox.



On this image, you have the window of each task you have created. You can start them, delete them and even edit them. You can have their status too. At the bottom of this page, you can click the Play button that will start all your tasks. As well, the stop button will stop all your tasks. The pencil button will allow you to do a mass edit. You will need to add delays to avoid getting caught due to a too fast checkout. You should be able to change it from here or in the settings. 



Here is an example of how to create a task. You need to fill in your information and save it as a task. You can attribute a profile to a task and proxies. The best ratio for profiles and tasks is 1:1 so you don't have any duplicated orders. You can add a timer for each task to start them at a precise time, so you don't have to worry about when to start them or if you miss the drop time for a second. You can enable 3DS bypass for credit cards that have 3DS. This is very important to avoid getting Out Of Stock problems since having time is precious. You can make the same task for X times by changing the value next to the Save button. The product information will be given by us, so you can enter them very easily. 



Proxies are made for you to buy the same product multiple times without getting detected. It will set your location somewhere else from your actual IP address. To be safe, you can do one proxy per task, but it will depend on how Velox performs each week. It will be told by Velox themselves. The more proxies you have, the more tasks you can make, without getting detected.


Here is how you add your proxies. After that, you can save it.



You have a view of each profile you have created on this tab.



Creating a profile is very intuitive. You have to follow what is written in each textbox and it will be fine. Don't forget to enable the "One Checkout per product" option in order to avoid duplicate order errors due to the same profile used to buy the same product multiple times. Hit the save button. 





Captchas are a must-have for your bot in order to solve them faster and easier. You need a Gmail account and that's all if you only use one captcha solver. However, you will need proxies if you want to use multiple captcha solvers. Have it open on a side to react as fast as possible when you will have one to solve.


VI/Download link

Windows: https://veloxpreme.io/download 

Mac: https://velox.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/Velox-4.4.2.dmg 


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