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How do I setup NSB (NikeShoeBot)


  • 1) Tasks
  • 2) Billing and profiles
  • 3) Proxies
  • 4) Captchas
  • 5) Settings
  • 6) Download link




Creating tasks is very simple. Indeed, you will need to enter the link of the product and select the store. Then you can enter keywords in addition to the link, so the bot won't look for anything else. You can enter the size of the product you want to buy. Then you can select the different modes of purchase. This will be indicated by NSB discord so you can maximize your chances of getting a W. You also can select the category of the product (if it's a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, shoes...). It's very easy to understand and once you have created your task, don't forget to select the billing profile you want to go with this task.



Above this text, you have an example of when you have created two tasks. The status will be shown there too and you can see which profile, website, and actions you can do with that. You can modify tasks directly from here, so it's very interesting.



Here's a better view of the edition of tasks. You can set up the delays, it's very useful because you will give your bot an amount of time before checking out, so you avoid getting canceled due to a fast checkout. It's recommended to go between 2500 and 5000 to be safe. Don't go higher or lower.


II/Billing and profiles


Here is what your billing tab will look like after creating profiles.



A detailed view of creating profiles is shown above. It's very easy and as same as the other bots, you will need to enter your information. Don't forget to click "Same as shipping" if billing and shipping address are the same, to avoid entering two times the same information, and also don't forget to select "checkout once per profile" in the checkout limit. You won't get cancellation emails then.



Here's how you add your proxies. You need to enter them as the format IP:port and one per line. Then, hit the submit button. It will create a "list" of proxies. 



Here's a view of the list of proxies you have made once submitted.




Captchas will be useful to pass checkouts. You need to create a captcha solver with a google account. You need a One-Click Gmail (it's basically a Gmail, but with a lot of activity and something you are using every day). You can farm one by yourself by logging in to Youtube with that Gmail account and watch a lot of videos. Otherwise, you can buy some.



Here, you have a captcha window to solve them during drops. You need to login into your Gmail account first, Paypal is not a must-have but if you want to buy through that, you will need it enabled. Then you are good to buy some pieces and shoes!




Settings are made for you to check if the bot has any updates and other bot stuff related. You can set up a webhook to get notifications sent to Discord. Finally, you can check your account pool.


VI/Download link

Windows: https://nsb.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/NSB-win-latest.exe 

Mac: https://mekpreme-auto-updater.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/latest/MEKpreme-0.4.99.dmg 


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