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How do I setup Wrath


  • 1) Analytics
  • 2) Profiles
  • 3) Proxies
  • 4) Accounts
  • 5) Shipping Rate
  • 6) Settings
  • 7) Captchas
  • 8) Tasks
  • 9) Download link




In this section, you will have how much money you have spent to buy articles with Wrath, successful and failed purchases and it shows you which products you have bought. It's very useful so you can track everything.




To create a profile, you will have two steps. The shipping part is where you will have to input your information. It's very important to make modified profiles to avoid cancel orders errors. Then, you can enable the "Use for billing" case to copy your information in the Billing part it's the same.  



Here's the Billing part, which is filled automatically if you enabled the previous option.



The last part is the Payment option. You need to fill in your credit card information and hit the "One Checkout" to avoid your profile checking out too many tasks and getting them all canceled. 



Now you should have something that looks like this after creating your profiles.




Here is the interface of proxies. You can add them here and one by one, separated by a line.




The Accounts section works the same as Proxies. All you need to do is add your accounts here. You can add accounts for the stores that require one at checkout (for example, Undefeated)


V/Shipping Rate


A useful feature is the Shipping rate. You can set it in order to have the shipping rate of each product.




The settings are very important because you will have a lot of features. First, you can set up a webhook. Then, you can add an auto solver for Captchas. Then, quick tasks are made easy here, you need to configure a profile. And you got your license ID and expiration date. 




Catpchas are very important to have successful checkouts. It's very useful and you can set captchas solvers as much as you want. You will need proxies if you do a lot, as same as tasks.  




Here, you can configure the delays of each task. We recommend you to put between 3000 and 5000, but you can refer to Wrath guides or ask some help in their Discord.



Creating a task is very easy. You need to select a website, the size of the piece, the URL of the product, how many tasks you want to create, the quantity, a profile, and proxies. The options will change in function of the store you have selected, but by default, you will have this. 



The advanced part allows you to select the mode of the task and schedule it. It's very useful to avoid missing drops



After being created, tasks will appear here and you can start them, edit them and delete them.


IX/Download link



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