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How do I setup Kodai


  • 1) Settings
  • 2) Supported Sites
  • 3) Captchas
  • 4) Proxies
  • 5) Profiles
  • 6) Tasks
  • 7) Download link


Here is the settings tab of Kodai. You can input the webhook link for Discord. Some nice features are the Avoid "In-Store" shipping on Shopify, which normally won't affect you since you enter your profiles and information. Then, you can pre-log with PayPal too. Settings aren't complicated so you can easily set up.


The Shopify Shipping Manager allows you to check every shipping detail for each profile and website. This is very important for you to set up this before drops so you don't miss anything with any profile. 


You can choose your preferred sizing in Settings, which can help you very carefully.


II/Supported Sites

These are the current websites Kodai is supporting:

EU and US Footsites
JD Sports
Yeezy Supply


III/ Captchas


Captchas in Kodai are very easy to use and effective. You can generate as much as you want and it will help you to solve captchas. Don't forget to bring proxies if you plan to open and use multiple captcha solvers. 


IV/ Proxies


Here you can add your proxies and do multiple proxies per profile. It's useful in case there is one that has problems.


Then, you can test them on different websites to see if it's good for you (if you didn't get clipped)


V/ Profiles


Creating a profile is very easy in Kodai. First, you need to select your region. Very easy, right? Enter your information here and save the profile. Then you can use it to create your tasks. Don't forget to check "Use Delivery Address for Billing" if you want it to be at the same place.


VI / Tasks


Here's the page to create tasks. First, you can enter the product link at the top. This link will be provided by us. You need to enter the information given by our providers to have a chance to check out the item. Don't forget to save it and start it when we will tell you to. Otherwise, you can start it 30 seconds to 1 minute before the drop time, so your bot is ready. Don't forget that you can enable bypass, but Kodai Discord will give you advice about how to set it up. The "Check Restocks" button is helpful if you plan to catch restocks. Don't click this if you don't want to hit restocks, but we would enable this.

Delays are very important to set up. The format is in milliseconds and we recommend you to check Kodai information about that. But mostly, you need delays for restocks and drop time, in order to avoid cancellation and detection from websites. The most frequent delays are between 1500 and 5000ms, just don't forget if their support is advising you.


VII/Download link



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