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How do I setup Splashforce


  • 1) Sections
  • 2) Tasks
  • 3) Supported Stores
  • 4) Download link



  • SettingsScreen_Shot_2020-08-22_at_1.59.37_PM.pngThis picture is the settings tab. You can configure your interface here and you should check this. You can add your discord webhook link in the dedicated field. 2Captcha is a service that you can enable if you have a key. It will solve automatically the captchas popping in the captcha window. Error delay is the delay for the bot to retry your task in case there are errors. Set a value between 1000 and 3000 (the value is in milliseconds). Monitor delay is useful for waiting rooms (such as Yeezy Supply) or for checking if a product is available (on Supreme for instance). AYCD API is the alternative for 2Captcha. You can also import your cookies by clicking on Import under Cookies Loaded. You can enable the Browser Hardware Acceleration if your computer has a high CPU utilization.
  • Billing:
    Here is the section to add all your details, in case you are botting a site that doesn't need an account from it. It's the same as most of the bots, you just enter your information. If you have a 3D Secure card, don't forget to tick the Use 3D Browser. You can also import your profiles. 

  • Accounts:
    This part is made for you to enter Adidas in-app raffles. You need Adidas accounts first and you can add them by clicking on Add, and also test them. 

  • Proxies:
    You can add your proxies here, in case you want to do multiple orders. Click on Add, then enter your proxies and hit the Save button. You can test your proxies to see which ones are working well and which ones have errors. The format is host:port or host:port:user:pass. If you have a lot of proxies, each one needs to be on a separate line. 

  • Captcha Solver:
    First of all, sign in to your google account. It will be used to solve your captchas. You should start the captcha solver one hour before the drop and login to your google account, then watch some youtube videos on the captcha window. This will give more activity to your account and increase chances to make it a One-Click Gmail.


Screen_Shot_2020-04-12_at_23.54.44.pngTo create your tasks, click on Create Tasks. From here, you can select between multiple sites (Adidas, Yeezy Supply...). The interface is very intuitive and works the same as the other bots. Just enter the information our cook group is giving to you and everything should be fine. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to open a ticket and ask for some help, but don't do that ten minutes before the drop. Always be prepared and you should easily cop drops.  

Links are needed for the bot to scan, add to the cart, and check out the product for you. Keywords work the same but are more precise if you want to cop a specific pair.


Here, you can have a look at what you will have when running tasks. You can check the status of each task, which is very important (if it has checkouts, having problems...). Then, if you have a wrong link, you can do a mass edit, which is a very useful feature. 


III/Supported Stores

This is the official list on the Splashforce website of their supported stores:



IV/Download link



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