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How do I setup Balkobot


  • 1) Analytics
  • 2) Billing and Profiles
  • 3) Settings
  • 4) Tasks
  • 5) Captchas
  • 6) Proxies
  • 7) Download link




Here you have a panel of everything you have bought with Balko. You can track every purchase and it's easier to manage your money spent there. It's a very nice feature that you should use a lot, to know what are your bot strengths and also weaknesses.  


II/Billing and Profiles


To create a profile, it's very simple. As same as the other bots, you need to enter your information down here. You have the shipping and the billing profile in the same area, which is easier for you. You should enable the "Attempt One Checkout" to avoid cancellations and duplicate order errors. You also should do one billing profile per profile, so you don't have any problems too. 




In the settings, you have a lot of options, which can be difficult to understand. First, you can accounts and shipping rates for each website. You need to enter accounts from websites that require one in order to checkout. Shipping rates are a feature to help you to determine the shipping fee for each store and which is the best for you.  

Then, you have a Discord webhook. You can create one to get notifications in Discord when you hit something. It's useful so you don't scroll on your tasks page. You can create a QuickTask profile, which is used to run a task with monitors. 

Balkobot made it customizable. You can change the color of the bot on the bottom right corner. It's nice and it's the only bot that offers this option. You can check for updates too.




Creating a task is easy, but not as simple as other bots. First, you will need to select the store where you want to buy and accept. Then, you will need to fill your information in the right part and create how many tasks you want. Don't forget to change the delay, which is very important to avoid cancellations due to a "too fast" checkout. We recommend you to go between 2500 and 4000 (ms). You can mass edit your tasks if the link given by our cookgroup was wrong and was another one, which is very powerful. 




Captcha solvers are required to check out faster. The more you open, the more proxies you will need. When you checkout, most of the time, you will need to fill a Google Captcha form. If you have weak Gmail, you need to click on some pictures to pass the test. If your Gmail account has a lot of activity, it might pass the Captcha process. Then, it's very useful and a feature used by every bot.




You can add proxies directly from this tab. It will allow you to make more tasks and avoid duplicated orders. Proxies will give you another IP address, which is better if you plan to do multiple purchases. You can also test the proxies to see if they are clipped or if they are running well.


VII/Download link

Windows: https://s3.amazonaws.com/balkobot.com/Balkobot2-0/balkobot2-setup.exe 
Mac: https://s3.amazonaws.com/balkobot.com/Balkobot2-0/Balkobot2-0.dmg


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