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How do I set up Mekpreme


  • 1) Profiles
  • 2) Tasks
  • 3) Proxies
  • 4) Captcha
  • 5) Download link


I / Profile

Creating a Profile

Profiles are the basis as to which your tasks will attempt to purchase items. These profiles are responsible for submitting your billing/shipping information to Supreme. While you can jig your profile, it is important to remember that what you put in your profile is what Supreme gets. Make sure that your profiles resemble your address enough that the post office doesn’t get confused.


Here it is step by step:

  1. Navigate to the “Profiles” tab
  2. Select “Add Billing”
  3. Fill in your information and add an easy to remember profile name


Things to note:

  • Profiles can be jigged
  • Supreme ships to the billing address only
  • Nothing can be the same between profiles if you want multiples


Exporting Profiles

When moving to another computer or doing a “hard reinstall” of MEKpreme, it is important to export your profiles to save you the trouble of adding them all again. By exporting profiles you’re essentially moving them to another location to be imported later.

Here it is step by step:

  1. Go to the “Profiles” tab
  2. Click “Export Profile”
  3. Navigate to the location you want to export
  4. Click “Select Folder”
  5. MEKpreme will notify you of a successful export and provide the location


  • This will export all profiles in MEKpreme
  • Never share this file with others
  • This is only compatible with MEKpreme


Importing Profiles

Just like exporting profiles, importing profiles is important due to the ease at which it allows you to move from one system to another. Importing profiles puts your profiles into MEKpreme quickly.


Here it is step by step:

  1. Navigate to “Profile Tab”
  2. Select “Import Profile”
  3. Navigate to the location your profiles are located
  4. Select that file
  5. Click “Open”
  6. Restart MEKpreme
  7. Verify your profiles are imported


  • Only files formatted for MEKpreme are supported


II / Tasks

Part 1: Release Task

To make release tasks

Here it is step by step:


1. Navigate to the ‘Task’ tab and click ‘Add Task’; the task window will pop up. 

2. Fill in the task name as you wish, choose your profile. Keywords, category, and color will be posted in MEKpreme server every week under the #release-guide-发售准备 channel.

3. Input the checkout delay. You can refer to the #weekly-setup channel in the MEKpreme server.

4. Choose the task mode you want to run.

5. Click the ‘Create’ button to finish the task setup.


Things to note:

  • For JP/US users, Last season, captcha-BP is banned for supreme, not sure what will happen for this new season, so you can try half bp/half solver or 100% solver. Normally 10 tasks/1 captcha solver window.
    For EU users, Captcha-BP MUST be OFF
  • RetryOnFailure is recommended to be always ON.
  • For EU users, 3D-BP is recommended to be ON; run cardinal-BP 50/50, turn it on if your card was unable to process 3D.
    For JP/US users, 3D-BP MUST be OFF
  • Restock mode can be ON for the drop in case of the ‘Load-OOS’ scenario.
  • Run a mix of 4 different mode tasks:
    Super mode and API mode are faster and less PC-consuming. However, the super mode might not work if there are major changes to the anti-Bot system from the Supreme website.
    Browser safe and Browser normal mode are more stable but PC consuming. The browser can handle well even when there are major changes to the anti-Bot system from the Supreme website.


Part 2: Sign-Up Task

To make sign-up tasks.

Here it is step by step:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Task’ tab and click ‘Add Task’
  2. Select the store you would like to go to under the ‘Category’ tab.
  3. Make the rest according to the sign-up task sample.

Things to note:

  • Captcha bypass does NOT work for sign-up tasks.
  • Color/Size/Keywords do not matter.


Part 3: Timer

If you wish to have MEKpreme start automatically at a specific time, you can enable the timer system. To enable the timer,


Here it is step by step:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Task’ tab and select the date and time you would all your tasks to start.
  2. Toggle the Timer button from grey to green. 


Things to note:

  • If your timer setting is correct, you should be able to see the countdown from each of your tasks.



Part 4: Left Panel

  • To combat bot, the Supreme website has two major anti-bot systems, which are the ‘Ticket’ system and ‘Pooky’ system. Pooky light and Ticket light indicate that if these two antibot systems are up.
  • Ready light: If this light turns green, it means the bot is ready to pass the anti-bot system, no matter the Pooky system or Ticket system.
  • Toggle on restock mode to increase the success rate, but you will need more proxies for this mode.
  • Toggle on Release mode if you want to enforce captcha for all tasks. (you have to open solver windows to solve captcha if you toggle on this mode)

Things to notice:

Restock mode and Release mode will override the setup in your individual tasks. That means, if you choose captcha BP in individual tasks and then toggle on Release mode, it will still require captchas.


Part 5: Override Panel

Override panel enables to change of the monitor delay and/or checkout delay for all the tasks as well as mass keyword/link change. To override, here it is step by step:

  1. Input the keyword/link in the override panel (same for monitor delay and checkout delay)
  2. Click the ‘Keyword’ button right next. (same for monitor delay and checkout delay)


Things to note:

  • Override only works for running tasks.
  • If you do nothing to the override panel, all keywords will be what they are in the individual task; monitor delay will keep as default (1000ms); checkout delay will be what it is in the individual task.


III / Proxies

Part 1: Proxy Introduction

A proxy server is basically another computer that serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed. By connecting through one of these servers, your computer sends your requests to the server which then processes your request and returns what you were wanting. In this way, it serves as an intermediary between your home machine and the rest of the computers on the internet. (Ref: https://www.whatismyip.com/what-is-a-proxy/)


Things to note:

  • Proxy is NOT required unless: Your localhost IP is banned by Supreme and/or You wish to run more tasks and/or low delay
  • Both DataCenter (DC) proxies and Residential (Resi) proxies work for Supreme. DC proxies have a faster speed but a higher chance to get banned
  • Resi proxies have a lower chance to get banned but a slower speed
  • MEKpreme Team would NEVER recommend any proxy provider.


Part 2: Running MEKpreme with Proxies

If you wish to use proxies when running MEKpreme

Here it is step by step:


1. Navigate to the ‘Proxy’ tab in the MEKpreme control panel

2. Click the ‘Add Proxy’ button at the bottom left. And you should be able to see the proxy window

3. Input proxy group name in the ‘Proxy Group Name’ section.

4. Click the ‘Add Proxy’ button at the bottom middle.

5. Input your proxy.

6. Click the ‘Save Proxy’ button at the bottom. You should be able to see the updated proxy window


7. Click ‘Save Proxy’ to finish the entire proxy setup.


Things to note:

  • If you want to test your proxy in your proxy group, click the ‘Test Proxy’ button at the bottom left. You are good if you can see the actual speed in the status column. You need to double-check your proxies if the status shows ‘banned’ in red.
  • Difference between test proxy and test proxy 2:
    When you click on the test proxy, MEK will test the speed of the entire list of proxies at the same time. You will be able to see if your proxy is available in the shortest possible time.
    When you click on test proxy 2, the MEK will test the proxies one by one in the list sequence. This will give you a more accurate test result but will take longer.


IV / Captcha

A CAPTCHA (a contrived acronym for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart") is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. (Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA)


Here it is step by step:

1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab, you should be able to see two types of captcha solvers.

a. Default Captcha Harvester

b. AYCD AutoSolve


2. Enable the default captcha solver through toggle the button of ‘Captcha Solver’ to grey

Enable the AYCD AutoSolve through toggle the button of ‘Captcha Solver’ to green

3. Click the ‘Default’ button to open the default captcha window. You can open up to 15 harvesters. Once you click, the default captcha window should pop out.

4. Click the ‘Gmail’ button in the default captcha window to log in to your Gmail.

5. If you wish to apply proxy to your default captcha window, input proxy in the ‘Proxy’ section in the default captcha window, click the ‘Apply’ button, and reopen the default captcha window.


Things to note:

  • If you are not able to see the ReCaptcha icon in the bottom right, simply reopen the window. If the issue persists, your localhost is banned by Supreme and you need to apply proxies until you are able to see the ReCaptcha icon.
  • To log off Gmail, click ‘Clear Cookie’.
  • If you are running a Sign Up task, remember to use SignUp Captcha instead of the Default one.
  • Import from Essential allows you to import your Gmail accounts all at once instead of typing your account and password one by one.
  • Click “Test” one minute before the drop to ensure your solver is working (Captcha Solved count should turn to 1.)
  • Click “Harvest” if your task is stuck on “Waiting for captcha” but there are no graphics popped up in the solver.


V/Download link

Windows: https://mekpreme-auto-updater.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/latest/MEKpreme%20Setup%200.4.99.exe

Mac: https://mekpreme-auto-updater.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/latest/MEKpreme-0.4.99.dmg 


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